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Your Professional Journey

In Hivepath's new way of sharing by becoming a Host!

Best things about becoming a


You get to share your knowledge & experiences to build a community of reliable networks who inspire one another to learn, adapt, and expand their digital footprint.

Transform to network influencer.

Spread your presence beyond digital media. Build your brand with us and pave the way for the future.

Build leadership acumen.

Share your experiences to guide others. Help them learn new things and direct them to the right path.

Build a strong community.

Form a reliable network who constantly inspire you to improve with new ideas and information.

Create a professional brand.

Connect, interact, expand & diversify your network to unlimited opportunities, fields, and more.

Everyone has something to


We believe everyone has something unique to share and offer our platform to help them inspire others.


Academics, achievements & student life.

Information on admissions, scholarships, international studies, etc.

(1-3 years)

Career transitions, professional tools & resources.

Talk about the first job, interview process, internships, and so on.

(3-5 years)

Career experiences, work culture, and career development.

Talk on career advancement, formal negotiations, promotions, and more.

(6+ years)

Career transitions, senior roles & management.

Discuss strong networks, team management, and so on.

Experience sharing like never before!

Create your digital presence & build your network by becoming a Host.


Create Your Profile.

Hivepath provides all the tools to build your personal brand. Showcase your skills, achievements, projects and feature all of your talent in one place. Let the world know you more!

Work experience

Provide your work details, career progressions, milestones achieved and featured projects.


Your skills are your achievements. Highlight them to connect, build, and help your network.

Social media

Provide your social profiles to spread your presence across other platforms for more reach.


Create a Knowledge Session.

We introduce you to a new way of sharing your unique experiences through Knowledge Sessions. Talk about topics you love and help people achieve their goals in life. Learn & explore new ideas every day!

Career Advice

Alumni Connect

Portfolio Review

Ask Me Anything

Career Growth

Academic Growth


Engage & Build a Network.

Hivepath is well aware of the requirements of a Host. Our features have been built from scratch to provide you with the easiest engagements possible for meaningful networking.

1:1 interactions

Connect and interact with people directly on 1:1 virtual meetings hosted seamlessly in Hivepath.

Track attendees

Keep a track of all your attendees in the ‘My attendees’ section where we keep a list of all the users you’ve interacted with.

Share sessions

With more than one sharing method, easily invite other people from various platforms to join your sessions and have fun!

And there is more!

We are redefining networking features, packed with a new way of smart technology and research from ground zero.

We believe in a world of smooth engagements and strive to provide our users with the best solutions at Hivepath.

Calendar integrations
Social media integrations
Google meet
Session tracker
Build followers
Share resources
Advance filtering
Track attendee

You are just a click away!

Become a Host!

Share unique experiences & knowledge on your professional journey, expertise, academic growth, and anything you see fit with Hivepath’s new way of sharing by becoming a Host!

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